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Our 2005 schedule commenced on a high note in January with Harvard's STEPHEN GREENBLATT, who introduced Will in the World, his long-awaited biography of Shakespeare, and SIR HAROLD EVANS, who launched They Made America, a paean to the innovators who established the U.S. as a global leader in tecchnology. In February we enjoyed memorable conversations with actor F. MURRAY ABRAHAM, best known for his Oscar-winning role in Amadeus, and with British statesman WILLIAM HAGUE, who extolled the virtues of William Pitt the Younger. March featured engagements with CLAIRE GITTINGS of London's NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY and actress LYNN REDGRAVE; it also included an evening with MICHAEL W. KAUFFMAN, who talked about American Brutus (John Wilkes Booth), and a speech by LORD WATSON OF RICHMOND about The Rise and Rise of English. In April we were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the FOLGER THEATRE production of The Clandestine Marriage, with reflections from the show's producer JANET GRIFFIN, its director RICHARD CLIFFORD, and performers CATIE FLYE and TED VAN GRIETHUYSEN. We also benefited from WILLIAM CURTIS ROLF's remarks on English country houses and JOHN WILTON-ELY's survey of Georgian art and literature. After festive receptions at the BRITISH EMBASSY in May and the NEW ZEALAND EMBASSY in June, we repaired to DARTMOUTH HOUSE in London, where SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN delivered a 4th of July address in honor of the late ALISTAIR COOKE. An eventful autumn permitted our attendees to enjoy stellar gatherings with journalist BONNIE ANGELO, biographers FLORA FRASER and GILES BRANDRETH, columnist JUDITH MARTIN ("Miss Manners"), novelist RODDY DOYLE, political journalist HAYNES JOHNSON, historian A. N. WILSON, and cultural leader KITTY CARLISLE HART. Three of our attractions were covered by C-SPAN, and a fourth was broadcast over BBC RADIO 4.

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