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Membership and Reservations
Most of the Guild's events, among them its signature Speaking of Shakespeare series at venues like the National Arts Club and The Players in Manhattan, are free and open to the public. That is as it should be, becuase we are a not-for-profit educational organization. But the fact that the majority of our offerings are admission-free does not mean that they are cost-free. Like the schools, colleges, universities, libraries, museums, orchestras, religious institutions, public radio and television stations, and other charities we all help with donations and membership contributions, the Guild is in constant need of support from the generous constituents who enjoy and benefit from its initiatives and cherish the role it plays in preserving and perpetuating an intellectual, artistic, and cultural legacy that remains unparalleled.

Donations are welcome in any amount. But for those who wish to enroll and be acknowledged as Guild members, several categories of membership affiliation are available: Subscriber ($50 a year). Contributor ($100), Donor ($250), Benefactor ($500), Patron ($1,000), and Sponsor ($5,000). Any contributions that are not offset by benefits received are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

To pay online, simply click here, and you'll be connected to our DotEasy Web Form. If you'd rather pay by check or submit your order by post, by a phone call, or by an email attachment, click here and scroll down to the second page for a form that can be used to make a donation, pay for a Guild membership, or register for one or more Guild offerings. We'll be delighted to respond to an email (shakesguild@msn.com) or a phone call (505-988-9560). And of course it goes without saying that we'll also be happy to mail information to you about Guild programs and categories of affiliation.