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We opened 2007 in January with RAFE ESQUITH a teacher who has been celebrated in a PBS documentary. A few days later we heard CATHERINE MANNING, Sir David's Lady, as she disclosed her alter ego, "Elizabeth Ironside," author of popular mystery novels. February began with an evening, recorded by C-SPAN, in which E. R. BRAITHWAITE told the story behind To Sir, With Love. Also on the calendar were programs with journalists RAY SUAREZ, JULIA SWEIG, ANTHONY CORDESMAN, and ALICIA SHEPHERD. In March we enjoyed engagements with Nobel laureate WOLE SOYINKA, biographer ADAM SISMAN, Shakespeare scholars ALDEN AND VIRGINIA VAUGHAN, and reporter JUAN WILLIAMS. April highlights included presentations by actor ROGER REES, theater critic PETER MARKS, writer WALTER ISAACSON, and performers PRUNELLA SCALES and TIMOTHY WEST. May commenced with remarks by actress JANET SUZMAN and biographer HEATHER EWING, then culminated in a BRITISH EMBASSY reception at which Justice RUTH BADER GINSBURG and other admirers saluted director MICHAEL KAHN as he accepted the 2007 GIELGUD AWARD. June brought columnist JUDITH MARTIN to a luncheon at which she introduced No Vulgar Hotel, her homage to Venice. In September journalist LAURA SESSIONS STEPP explored the challenges that now face adolescent girls, and historian DOUGLAS WILSON extolled Lincoln's Sword, the President's literary skills. October provided an opportunity for historian LYNNE OLSON to describe the Troublesome Young Men who brought Churchill to power. It was also a month in which two language authorities, PAUL DICKSON and JAMES GEARY, analyzed familiar quotations. In November we profited from biographer ANNE SERBA's remarks about American Jennie, Churchill's mother, and memoirist CHARLOTTE MOSLEY's insights into the Mitford Sisters. As the holidays approached, we relished a chance to hear about new books by Pulitzer laureate MICHAEL DIRDA and musicologist IVAN MARCH.

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