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Speaking of Shakespeare
Most of the Guild's 2014 programs occurred at the NATIONAL ARTS CLUB, but events also took place at THE PLAYERS, at the PRINCETON CLUB OF NEW YORK, at the HILL CENTER ON CAPITOL HILL, and at the WOMAN'S NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CLUB in Washington.

We opened the year with CUNY professor RICHARD MCCOY, who shared his thoughts about what "faith" means in Shakespeare's plays. We then spoke with New York Times reporter SARAY LYALL about some of the differences between British and American culture, with Folger biographer STEPHEN H. GRANT about what he has referred to as a literary menage-a-trois, with Yale professor DAVID KASTAN about teaching early modern classics to today's undergraduates, with lexicographer PAUL DICKSON about the words and phrases we owe to Shakespeare and other writers, with actors STACY KEACH and EDWARD GERO about their roles in an acclaimed production of the two parts of Henry IV. and with ADAM GOPNIK about some of his recent articles in the New Yorker.

In September we helped launch the U.S. book tour for Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh, a long-awaited biography of Tennessee Williams by the New Yorker's JOHN LAHR. We then proceeded to conversations with JOHN HEILPERN, a Vanity Fair columnist who shared reflections about his work with such dramatic luminaries as John Osborne and Peter Brook, with Cal State Fullerton's KAY STANTON, who offered a feminist perspective on Shakespeare's "Whores," with former Harvard President NEIL L. RUDENSTEIN, who discussed the narrative arc he finds in Shakespeare's Sonnets, and with lexicographer AMMON SHEA, who defended usage patterns that are often derogated as "Bad English."

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