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Speaking of Shakespeare
On January 11, 1999, we opened the second half of our 1998-99 season by reuniting WETA mainstay ROBERT AUBRY DAVIS with two of his erstwhile colleagues, "The Matinee Ladies," JANE HORWITZ and RITA KEMPLEY of the Washington Post. On February 8 we afforded listeners a rare opportunity to hear two of our day's most brilliant social observers, JUDITH MARTIN (a.k.a. Miss Manners) and DEBORAH TANNEN (author of You Just Don't Understand and other books), as they brought their special perspectives to Shakespeare's dramatic works. On March 15 we talked about Shakespeare and politics with NPR correspondents COKIE ROBERTS and LINDA WERTHEIMER. And on June 14 we enjoyed an evening with HAL HOLBROOK, who shared his thoughts about Shylock, a character he was portraying in The Merchant of Venice at The Shakespeare Theatre, and then introduced master teacher RAFE ESQUITH and his "Hobart Shakespeareans," a group of California sixth-graders who were on their way to perform at Shakespeare's Globe in London. These events all took place at the NATIONAL PRESS CLUB in D.C.

After a summer break, we returned to the NPC for four programs that would launch our 1999-2000 season. In September we spoke with educator PEGGY O'BRIEN, author of Shakespeare Set Free. In October our guests were KENNETH ADELMAN and NORMAN AUGUSTINE, who discussed Shakespeare in Charge, their new book about the playwright's insights on leadership. In November we discussed Discovering Hamlet with filmmaker MARK OLSHAKER. And in December we conversed with playwright KEN LUDWIG about such hits as Lend Me a Tenor and Crazy for You.

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